About ACTS


Applied Conflict Transformation Studies
(ACTS) Programme

CPCS offers structured conflict transformation courses, such as the unique Applied Conflict Transformation Studies (ACTS) Programme in partnership with Pannasatra University Cambodia.

The ACTS Master’s Programme is unique in the field of conflict transformation through its utilization of a hybrid academic-practitioner perspective. This course is designed for peace practitioners who want to develop the skills and wider competence to build greater peace and justice in their own countries. The ACTS Programme supports key actors by strengthening their capacity to critically evaluate their own work and interventions and to then apply these lessons to improve their peace practice.

The ACTS PhD Programme is an academically rigorous course of studies designed specifically for Asian peace practitioners and scholars to build upon their pre-existing knowledge and skills and to enhance their capabilities through intensive and reflective study. More specifically, this programme has been created to assist Asian peace practitioners to effectively contribute to the development, description, dissemination and implementation of Asian peace perspectives and practices.

ACTS Student

The ACTS MA is an excellent programme that includes theory and practice. I have learned many things from this programme, and it improved my personal life, peacebuilding work, and leadership development. When I jumped into this program, it helped me reflect on what I have done so far and what I had to improve my capacity. While I learned about conflict and solutions, it helped me improve my critical thinking skills and approaches to building peace in a post-conflict country. 

ACTS MA alumni



Previously, I used to introduce myself as a human rights activist, but now I identify myself as a peace builder. ACTS is an amazing opportunity for the students to pursue their education alongside their work. As an individual, I feel more aware and compassionate. ACTS not only helped me enhance my own understanding of peacebuilding but also enhanced my leadership capacities. As a team leader, I am in a position to influence our work strategy and facilitate my team to enhance their capacities as peace builders.

ACTS MA alumna, Pakistan