2020 Peace Practitioners Research Conference


Moving Beyond Multi-Track Diplomacy and Big Man Mediation

Peace Process in the 2020 and beyond

CPCS hosted the 9 th Peace Practitioners Research Conference visually in November 2020. This engaging
discussion reflects a deep shift in how mediation and peacebuilding can be understood. We have asked
seven world-renowned peace leaders, Julia Roig, Meredith Preston McGhie, Christine Ahn, Shadia
Marhaban, and Neha Sanghrajka, at the forefront of 21st-century mediation and peacebuilding to share
their experiences and lessons learned to help answer these questions. What do these mediators do,
work? How do we mainstream what they do and how do we get them? Their reflections are intended to
challenge what we think we know, move beyond traditional approaches, and inspire those who read it
and work for peace everywhere.

Watch the discussion