2024 Peace Practitioners’ Research Conference

12th Asian Peace Practitioners Research Conference 2024

At the 12th Asian Peace Practitioners’ Research Conference (PPRC) held on 28 to 29 February 2024 in Siem Reap we will explore the vital theme of “Bridging Generations: Pathways to Peace”.

Sustainable peace cannot be built in isolation. It requires efforts of all generations, forging powerful collaborations across all age groups. While young people bring fresh perspectives, technological expertise, challenge the status quo and drive social change, experienced peace practitioners offer decades of knowledge, proven strategies, and resilience, guiding the next generation through complex challenges. Together, they enrich the understanding of conflict and pave the way for more inclusive and sustainable solutions.

Join us as we weave through the experiences and learning from these generations, ignite new partnerships, shape a brighter future of peace together and build solidarity.

Learn more and register for the in-person conference at: https://forms.gle/aZeRKpwwQSZKLDVu7

The annual PPRC is a vital forum for peace practitioners, peace researchers, activists, mediators and civil society that gives them the opportunity to share research and best practices in peacebuilding, learn from one another, foster mutual understanding and create new partnerships.