2024 Peace Practitioners’ Research Conference

12th Asian Peace Practitioners Research Conference 2024

Inspired by the theme “Bridging Generations: Pathways to Peace,” the 12th Asian Peace Practitioners’ Research Conference (PPRC) hosted by CPCS brought together 132 peace practitioners, researchers, and scholars from across the region and other parts of the world to engage in meaningful discussions on the crucial role of intergenerational collaboration, dialogue and ways to weave together experiences of different generations of leaders towards addressing violent conflicts and finding ways for sustainable and positive peace in Asia.

During the two-day conference, speakers emphasized the importance of intergenerational dialogue, inclusivity, and addressing the root causes of conflict. Engaging women in peace processes and the need to include marginalized groups are significant factors in achieving peace. The power of storytelling, the amplification of marginalized voices, and the preservation of cultural heritage were also discussed as essential components of peacebuilding. The conference underscored the significance of peace galleries as spaces for intergenerational dialogue, healing, and reconciliation.