2013 Peace Conference



CPCS hosted the second Peace Practitioners’ Research Conference (PPRC) in Siem Reap, Cambodia over December 6-8 2013, focusing on the transformation of identity-based conflict in Asia The conference brought together 40 Asian peace practitioners and scholars from various countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, India and Pakistan. During two-and-a-half days, participants shared their experiences and engaged in lively and challenging discussions, resulting in mutual learning, new insights and increased comparative knowledge of successful peace practice in other conflict contexts.

Seminars and plenaries were held on the following topics:

  1. Transforming identity-based conflict in Cambodia
  2. Armed struggle, group membership & identity
  3. Addressing a culture of violence through education
  4. State responses to opportunities and challenges of diversity
  5. Transforming ethnopolitical conflict at intra-state level
  6. Transforming religious conflict at intra-state level
  7. Peace practitioners’ self-reflection on identity considerations

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