Poem by Farid Barzgar: White Pigeon

My white pigeon!
I trace your footprint further and further

My white pigeon!
You are hidden and I think,
Calling me to pursue you wanderer
For the punishment of an unknown offense

You are hidden…
From Kabul streets
Pomegranate gardens of Kandahar,
Napery of widow women in Helmand,
Portico in Salang Mountains,
Dream of my children,
And from me, who have sought you in all the roofs of the world
To pursue you
I run step by step along Somali streets,
Asked of you on the unknown intersections of Libya,
Become hidden in Iraq to pursue you,
Do you know any street which is suitable to pause on?

You were hidden
In the boots of the poorest hero of my territory
Who has to act desperately for you
You were a white Pigeon
Escaped from the shoulders
My white pigeon!

I don’t know which shot has targeted your flight
Here, never to become free of danger,
My white pigeon!
I trace your footprint further and further
You are nowhere
And the world’s congresses are
Not honest enough to host you
But I make my existence the water and the seed
And believe you will return
Someday in innocent lands of my country
My white pigeon!!!
The Peace!

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