Peace Leadership Programme

Cultivating systems & self-awareness

So much time and effort in peacebuilding work is often dedicated to changing the system – changing ‘it’ rather than changing ‘us’.

The skills and frameworks to be strategic in our work are absolutely necessary to be effective. However, true systems change – the goal of conflict transformation – also requires that we as individuals change, that the consciousness of leaders evolves in order to envision the new thinking required to usher in a new reality.

The Peace Leadership Programme is therefore centered around two fundamental leadership development threads: the personal and the professional.

Slide 2 WHOPersonal

The personal thread focuses on making space to pause, reflect and restore. We do this through exclusive and in-depth one-on-one leadership coaching focusing on what drives and blocks the individual.

We believe that these topics are at the heart of resilient leadership. The focus on personal resiliency is a critical dimension of leadership often missing in current Women Peace & Security trainings.


The professional thread focuses on the technical skill set required in peace work.

Froilyn in actionLeaders gain analytical skills that are grounded in systemic conflict transformation thinking in order to better understand and design strategic interventions into conflict.

The programme also dedicates time to establishing the important skill sets of lobbying, advocacy and the art of communication in peace work.

This means that leaders leave more confidently able to clearly communicate and strategically leverage their position in lobbying and networking situations.