Peace Leadership Programme

Approach & methodology

thumb_IMG_2937_1024Slowing down to go fast

Over a period of approximately six months, the programme offers space to get away from the stress of work and be in community with a group of peers.

We gather and work in beautiful peaceful settings, intentionally offering refreshing and relaxing environments in order to ensure that the women leave a training feeling energised and like the VIPs that they are.

What is distinct about this programme is that it is not a one off, but a longer more intentional journey.


Relationships are at the heart of conflict transformation work.

SONY DSCThe commitment and spirit of this Peace Leadership Programme is to value and make visible the courage, talent and skill of each leader. This is done in a multitude of ways.

The design and participatory methodologies of all the learning, from the one-on-one coaching to joint problem-solving workshops leverages the wisdom inherent in each leader, as well as intentionally creates opportunities to deepen relationships (as professionals, as well as friends) between the group.

We believe this is central to creative and resilient leadership.

SONY DSCExcellence

The resource people we partner with to deliver this programme are experts in their field. We draw on top quality consultants who deliver top of the line content.

The training is designed to be flexible to the expressed needs of the group. Thus while there is a clear frame and process, we are committed to ensuring that the time and investment of all is relevant and valuable for their leadership development.