Buddhist Coalition for Social Development: Practitioner’s Handbook

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Buddhist Coalition for Social Development: Practitioner’s Handbook

 Publisher: CPCS  Published: January 7, 2022  Country: Cambodia  Language: English

This handbook and resource are for participants to learn about “Buddhist Engagement in Social Development and Peacebuilding.” It presents fundamental ways and lessons to help practitioners, particularly monks, deal effectively and peacefully with social change. The booklet contains key lessons that participants should consider beneficial learning tools. The goal is to expand the understanding of active Buddhists to equip practitioners with basic conflict transformation skills and peacebuilding applications that will help lessen violent social concerns. It covers the fundamentals, with additional materials available through the broader program, delving further into specific areas. This has been found to have a negative impact on the effectiveness of monastic development in contributing to social work and the vision of assisting Cambodia’s socio-economic development, peace, and social transformation.

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