Beyond the Armistice – Efforts for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

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Beyond the Armistice – Efforts for Peace on the Korean Peninsula

 Publisher: Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies  Published: October 12, 2023  Country: Cambodia  Language: English

The book “Beyond the Armistice – Efforts for Peace on the Korean Peninsula” is a compilation of interviews with individuals from different countries, sectors, and generations, who are committed to advocating peace on the Korean Peninsula. These individuals, which include civil society leaders, former policymakers, diplomats, aid experts, and educators, share their journeys in peacebuilding or efforts in engaging in dialogues. Their insights shed light on the complexities of the Korean Peninsula tension, where the unresolved Korean War has caused structural injustices for over seven decades that sustain a system of division and play a significant role in rising tensions and hostilities on the Peninsula and beyond. They urge for an immediate resumption of dialogue to reduce tension and rebuild trust, calling for a cessation of hostilities by all parties, a shift from a militarised security narrative, and a more robust, inclusive process for peace that includes the voices of people affected by the conflict. The book documents a variety of suggestions and recommendations for the policy community and civil society groups to work together towards achieving these goals.

The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies would like to express its sincere gratitude to Misereor for their support in creating this publication, as well as to GPPAC Northeast Asia for their financial assistance in printing it. While Misereor and GPPAC provided financial backing for this project, the viewpoints and ideas expressed in the publication are solely those of the contributors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Misereor and GPPAC.