New-U Nay Win


  • U Nay Win is the General Secretary of the Mandalay YMCA. A Christian, he is from a mixed heritage and his family travelled widely across Myanmar, making friends from different communities. Many of these places are still home to him. U Nay Win’s work extends to coordinating the efforts of interfaith groups both in Mandalay and surrounding areas, like Meiktila, where there have been recent outbreaks of religious violence targeting Muslim communities. He talks about his work, the challenges he has faced and how Christians could perform an intermediary role.

Discussion questions

1. What is important about U Nay Win sharing information about his sons and ancestors?

2. U Nay Win talks about living in different places and at first having difficulties because of being of different ethnicities. How were these difficulties overcome and how does this parallel the current situation in Myanmar?

3. In which ways does the video show U Nay Win acting on the responsibility he feels he has to unite both Buddhists and Muslims to live in harmony?

4. Why was it important to focus on interfaith humanitarian assistance in Meikhtila?

5. U Nay Win believes that it is necessary to accept that diversity has always existed in Myanmar. What else can be done to promote acceptance?

Extension activities
In partners, take turns telling each other a story about your family or ancestors. If possible think of a story that talks about where your family comes from and customs they may have. Then on chart paper, discuss what was similar between the stories, and what you have learned from each other.

Prepare a list of all the support you or your community could provide in times of a humanitarian crisis. Compare your list with a partner, and share your list with the group. Discuss how communities of different faiths can provide for each other.