U Aye Lwin

aye lwin Outside of his work as a sports teacher in Yangon, U Aye Lwin, a Muslim, works tirelessly to debunk myths about Muslims and Islam through peaceful ways, like distributing pamphlets and holding interfaith meetings.

U Aye Lwin is also the chief convenor if the Islamic Centre of Myanmar and a core member of the Religion for Peace Myanmar interfaith organisation.

Well-studied in Buddhism too, U Aye Lwin believes that Muslims must also look within themselves and open their doors to other faiths so they may learn that their religions are not so different from Islam.

aye lwin iiDiscussion questions
1. Why do you think describing his family history in Myanmar is important to U Aye Lwin?

2. What are some ways you see and hear U Aye Lwin trying to reduce the misconceptions about Islam and eliminate the intolerance?

3. What does hearing the expression “You can’t clap with one hand. You need both hands” mean to you in the context of Myanmar?

4. Why is it so important for U Aye Lwin to invite people from different religions to the mosques and religious events?

5. U Aye Lwin identifies mistrust as one barrier to religious tolerance. What other barriers are relevant in your community and how can they be addressed?

Extension activities

Make a list of different religions. Write in one column what you know and what you’d like to know more about.