Enhancing Policing in Nepal – A human security-informed approach, concepts, and implications


By Manoj Kumar K.C

After a decade-long violent conflict, Nepal has entered a new era of political and social transformation. Given their crucial role in protecting the safety and security of the people, a critical question for Nepal Police in the post-conflict years has been to understand better people’s sense of security, across diverse populations and geographies of Nepal.  Building on the author’s more than 20 years as a police officer, this academic study highlights the critical linkages in producing violent and organized crime and contrasting security behaviour like active resistance and non-cooperation from the community.  This resource outlines approaches to understanding diverse perspectives and contributing factors to community security perspectives, and importantly, suggests clear interventions for police.  This thorough text explores human security conceptually and practically to enhance security from a policing perspective and offer recommendations to guide these.  Intending as a resource for peace practitioners as well as human security actors.

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