Cambodia Peace Museum partners with ChubMet Music Festival Opening Carnival

Music and arts have played an important role in how Cambodians heal themselves, their families and their communities. Despite the best efforts of the Khmer Rouge to erase any music or art for personal expression, people still carried them in their hearts and minds. In refugee camps, recreating musical instruments out of any available materials and teaching children the traditional dances became a way to reclaim this important piece of the culture. In times when people still did not feel safe to talk or even think about their painful experiences, music and the arts offered a way express pain and loss, as well as joy and hope for the future.

In keeping with this celebration of the important role that music and arts has in Cambodia, the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS) and the Cambodia Peace Museum project are excited to be part of this year’s ChubMet Music and Arts Festival as the sponsors of the Festival Opening Carnival in Kandal Village, Siem Reap, Cambodia. 

ChubMet’s Official Opening Part is possibly the most jam-packed evening of the whole festival, featuring a variety of musical and artistic acts throughout Kandal Village. The exciting night will feature:

  • Cambodia’s hottest new music act Kmeng Khmer will be giving away 200 free signed CDs at the Social Media point!
  • Phare, The Cambodian Circus will be on the streets performing live art!
  • Movie screenings upstairs at the Little Red Fox
  • “The Arts of Music and Dance” exhibition opens at Constable Gallery At Large

Kicking off the opening night carnival will be the Imagine Peace Band on the main stage at 7pm with music that celebrates diversity, disability, and energy for peace and justice in the ASEAN region.  The band includes Cambodian guitarists, singer and songwriters Sony Battambanger and Brak Sophanna, along with Cambodian drummer Va Nara, Filipino guitarist Chris Ablon, and Malaysian guitarist Tengku Shahpur.  The Imagine Peace Band plays originals songs written by Sou Sony and Brak Sophanna, whose songs touch on the challenges they have each faced in their lives as well as where they find joy. Along with their own compilations, the band plays popular music related to their advocacy for peace.

Check out the full line up for ChubMet here.

Thank you to our partners DanMission-Cambodia for helping to support the Chub Met Official Opening Night!