CPCS Dialogue Facilitation Handbook

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CPCS Dialogue Facilitation Handbook

 Publisher: CPCS  Published: April 1, 2014  ISBN: 978 9 996 38171 4  Country: Burma  Language: English

Expressed through the voices of All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF) members, this book tells the story of the organisation’s birth from the August 8, 1988 student uprising through its 25 years of living and fighting in the remote jungle areas of the country. It provides an in-depth examination of the experiences of ABSDF members, from their time as protesting students, to revolutionaries, to their current involvement in the Myanmar peace process. From hardships caused by disease and food supplies, to the fears, hopes, joys and disappointments of young men and women trying to realise their dream of fighting against oppression, Struggle for Peace takes readers on a journey of change and transformation.