About ACTS PhD Programme

The ACTS PhD Programme is an academically rigorous course of studies designed specifically for Asian peace practitioners and scholars to build upon their pre-existing knowledge and skills and to enhance their capabilities through intensive and reflective study. More specifically, this programme has been created to assist Asian peace practitioners to effectively contribute to the development, description, dissemination and implementation of Asian peace perspectives and practices. It will accomplish this aim through expanding students’ exposure to international and regional approaches to understanding and achieving effective conflict transformation, by enhancing their ability to question existing knowledge and practice in the field, and by strengthening their capacity to identify, develop and strengthen this region’s unique response to the need for conflict transformation work.

The ACTS PhD Programme utilises a curriculum and pedagogy specifically designed to bring together theory and practice. Upon completion of the programme, students will have developed a deep and comprehensive understanding of the field of Conflict Transformation and its practices, and be able to conduct research contributing both to practice and theory. The programme will therefore contribute to the total number of expert conflict transformation practitioner-scholars in the Asia region, and produce a more nuanced understanding of Asian conflict contexts, as well as of effective approaches to conflict transformation.


  • The programme is based in the students’ region, which makes it more accessible to many peace practitioners (especially women). Such proximity ensures that professional, committed people are not drawn away from their existing work responsibilities for long periods of time in order to enhance their skills, as well as increasing the chances that they will continue their peace-related work in Asia.
  • Through the programme, students will have the opportunity to become integrated into a larger network of peace builders and scholars from many areas within their region and the broader world.
  • The programme will enable participants to make explicit their own implicit knowledge and experiences, as well as that of their communities, thereby contributing to both local and global knowledge in the field of Conflict Transformation.
  • The programme is based on a practitioner-scholar model. It is designed not only to produce individuals who can contribute to the field of Conflict Transformation, but also to significantly enhance their effectiveness as on-going contributors to the process of peace building in their respective contexts.
  • Based at the Centre for Peace & Conflict Studies and accredited through Paññāsāstra University, the programme will provide a unique combination of academic rigor and analysis of real world experience. Located in Cambodia, the students have the opportunity to learn from the countries transformation from violent conflict to a more stable peace.