In this module, the final development of the students’ Action Research is the primary source of learning. During this module students will focus on building theory from their practice and drawing out the findings from their Action Research. By this time students should have a complete picture of the programme and flow of the topics, and should be able to see how their own learning objectives and their work fits in this picture.

The focus of the Residential Seminar during Module Five is on individual work and separate tutorials for each student in writing their final thesis.  Students will have time allocated for writing and for meeting with their academic advisors for preparing their formal presentations and monographs. In particular, emphasis will be placed on turning the action research findings into a thesis and ensuring adequate development of, and connection between, the theoretical framework, the research methodology, the findings, and the conclusions and recommendations. The Transformative Peace Leadership Programme during this Residential Seminar centers on reflecting on students’ peace practice more broadly and the implications their work has for personal change.

Module Five Objectives:

  • To continue building theory from practice by developing the Action Research project into the final thesis.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of what it means for research to be an intervention, and to identify any further skills and knowledge needed.
  • Present findings from Action Research Project to fellow students and CPCS staff.