Who we are

IMG_6810Founded in 2008, CPCS is a Cambodia-based non-governmental organisation (NGO), working in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation in Asia. Our aim is to strengthen strategic intervention into armed conflict with the overall goal of reaching sustainable and positive peace in the Asia region.

Given Cambodia’s experience of passing from carpet bombing to genocide, to civil war, to peace process, rehabilitation and now relative peace, CPCS considers the country as a vital and critical basis for regional learning.

While CPCS does not undertake peacebuilding initiatives in Cambodia, we utilise the country’s rich post-war history and reconciliation efforts as a learning base for other contexts, as well as provide support to other Cambodian organisations focused on local peacebuilding initiatives.

The centre is home to a range of interconnected programmes and initiatives that are based on robust analyses and guided by CPCS’ theory of change.