CPCS Values

CPCS is a values driven organisation. Our core values guide us in how we work with partners and with each other.

Grounded: We are committed to mindful interventions into violent conflict. We design conflict transformation initiatives rooted in critical and on-going analysis.

Excellence: We are committed to outstanding work. We strive to be excellent by challenging ourselves to on-going improvement in our work.

Trust: We create and nurture relationships with our partners and each other that are honest, generous, heartfelt and respectful. We practice humility, empathy and solidarity. We value diversity.

Courageous: We embrace challenges, are innovative, persevere and push boundaries. We support and encourage others and ourselves to take leadership and initiative.

Continued Learning: We critically reflect, evaluate and adapt our methods, programmes and goals. We share our learning and learn from the approaches and experiences of others.

Over the last year our staff reflected more deeply on what the values mean for them.