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The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS) is home to interconnected programs that ultimately invest in Leadership and facilitation for lasting peace in Asia. CPCS interventions focus on: leadership, learning, analysis, and facilitation bringing our experience as well as connections across the region as resources to support new thinking, new relationships, and new interventions.

  • Systematic analysis and facilitation for practical conflict resolution, by accompanying regional and national conflicts in Asia.
  • Investing in peace leadership for conflict transformation, through academics. diplomacy and peace leadership courses; and
  • Utilises practical learning for pragmatic change, connecting academics and practitioners from across the region to share learning and best practices. 


Founded in 2008, CPCS is a Cambodia-based non-governmental organisation (NGO) working in the field of peacebuilding and conflict transformation in Asia.

Recognising the wealth of peacebuilding knowledge and experience in the Asia region, the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPCS) was born from a desire to further strengthen, support and share Asian approaches to conflict transformation.

The foundations for what is now CPCS were laid by local peace initiatives such as the Alliance for Conflict Transformation (ACT) and Action Asia. With ACT committed to peacebuilding at home in Cambodia, CPCS focused on engaging the Asia region at large.


Grounded: We are committed to mindful interventions into violent conflict. We design conflict transformation initiatives rooted in critical and on-going analysis.

Excellence: We are committed to outstanding work. We strive to be excellent by challenging ourselves to on-going improvement in our work.

Trust: We create and nurture relationships with our partners and each other that are honest, generous, heartfelt and respectful. We practice humility, empathy and solidarity. We value diversity.

Courageous: We embrace challenges, are innovative, persevere and push boundaries. We support and encourage others and ourselves to take leadership and initiative.

Continued Learning: We critically reflect, evaluate and adapt our methods, programmes and goals. We share our learning and learn from the approaches and experiences of others.

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CPCS invests in individual peace leaders in Asia, to bolster their effectiveness and impact on peace and conflict transformation. 

The unique Applied Conflict Transformation Studies (ACTS) MA and PhD programs blend academic research, practical peacebuilding, and leadership skills for peace practitioners from across Asia to strengthen their peace work.    

As part of our commitment to continued learning, CPCS hosts regional forums and conferences to provide safe and dynamic spaces for practitioners and academics to share and learn from Asian peace processes and conflict transformation.  Emerging theory, best practices, and reflections from the region’s experts in mediation, negotiation, and facilitation of the peace process are made available through publications and videos available on the CPCS website and social media. 


Board Chair – Neb Sinthay has over 19 years’ experience working

Soth Plai Ngarm is a Cambodian peace activist and researcher who

Dr. Ramji Prasad Neupane

Ramji P. Neupane is working as National Programme Manager with

Professor Alison Gerard arrived as Head of the Canberra Law