Susan Risal

Susan Risal

ACTS PhD Fellow (2017-2020)

Susan is a peace practitioner based in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is a Chief Executive Officer of Nagarik Aawaz (Citizen’s Voices)-a peace-building organization in Nepal which works with conflict-affected youth and women. In 2003, she joined Nagarik Aawaz as an Admin/Finance Officer. She became a Program Manager at Nagarik Aawaz in 2009, and was later promoted to Chief Executive Officer in 2011. Susan holds two Masters Degrees: Masters in Business Administration from Tribhuvan University of Nepal and Masters in Applied Conflict Transformation Studies from Pannasastra University of Cambodia. Currently, she is a PhD Fellow of Applied Conflict Transformation Studies, which is a collaborative programme between Center for Peace Studies and Pannasatra University, Cambodia. Her Phd Research topic is “Understanding the definition of justice and dignity through the perspectives of sexually and physically tortured women of the conflict era of Nepal”.

Susan first became interested in peace-building through her experiences at Nagarik Aawaz. Listening to the many stories of hardship and suffering of the conflict-affected communities made her want to continue her work in peace with commitment and dedication. This also led Susan in doing Master in Applied Conflict Transformation Studies and PhD in Applied Conflict Transformation Studies so that she could gain theoretical knowledge in peace-building,  to compliment her practical knowledge, and contribute that knowledge to improve lives of conflict-affected people. Susan is very passionate about the issues of conflict affected communities, particularly the issues of women. She is a long term peace practitioner/advocate who believes that every member of the community has the right to live  a peaceful life with social justice and dignity.

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