Module Five


In this module, students’ Action Research is the prime source of learning. The Action Research project to be implemented by the students constitutes transformative learning and aims to make them aware of the relationship between knowledge and power in maintaining and changing social systems. Employing critical subjectivity to unveil their ideologies, this work helps students to identify how best they can participate in maintaining the status in work and society.

Such critical subjectivity can help connect the jargon in organisations with their assumptions about how their activities change society. The Action Research enables students to give deeper feedback on their own work for further improvement.

During this module, students will focus on building theory from their practice and drawing out their learning from Action Research. By this time, students should have a complete picture of the course and flow of the topics, and should be able to see how their own learning objectives and work fits in this picture.

In this module, the focus is on individual work and mentoring students in writing their final dissertations. Students will have time allocated to writing and meeting with their academic/research advisor for preparing their formal presentations and monographs.

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